Don’t panic!

While many landlords choose to exit their portfolio, a large proportion are forced into divestment. The key is not to panic, make rash decisions and potentially lose thousands of pounds.

Propeller has carefully devised a programme to help landlords maximise value in the divestment process.

Why us

We’re more than just estate agents. We help cash buyers find property investment opportunities. That doesn’t mean having to sell at bargain basement prices, but it does mean minimising divestment time and cost.

  • Don’t evict – save the cost of evicting tenants before sale
  • Keep rent flowing – minimising costs during divestment
  • Minimise tax exposure – you have to pay council tax on empty property
  • Reduce delay – we have cash buyer investors looking for opportunities

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The exact details of our system are confidential. We’re happy to talk you through it, but don’t want to give the game away to competitors by spelling everything out here.

Call or drop us an email to find out more.

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