Our story

We founded Propeller because – as landlords ourselves – we just couldn’t find the level of service from estate agents and letting agents that we needed. So we set up our own. The kind of service that we aim to give you is the kind of service we’d hoped to get but couldn’t find anywhere else.

As the business has grown we’ve hired the right staff, invested in the right technology and expanded to become one of the leading independent agents in the area. But we’ve never outgrown that first idea that got us started – treating our clients the way we wanted to be treated ourselves.

Honesty always wins

If you're selling a home or looking to rent it out, we'll be straight with you about what value it can achieve, instead of promising an unrealistic price just to get you to sign up with us. We don't decide how much a property is worth, you don’t decide either - the market sets the price. In other words, everything is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

Now, that’s not to say we don’t know how to present everything from a mansion to a maisonette in the best way to secure its full price potential. Experience has taught us how buyers and renters see a property; what makes them want to know more and what makes them cross properties off their list. Pricing a property accurately, presenting it well and showing potential buyers or tenants how it matches what they’re looking for is what gets deals done.

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